Thred (Liverpool)

Thred led a project on “How can urban and rural transport systems help people diagnosed with dementia live independently for longer?” They also had additional funding for a second project in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thred met with people with dementia in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and held Zoom meetings with groups in North and Mid-Wales. They also created a survey that was completed by 57 people. They found that the majority of people with dementia are reliant on public transport. They regard public transport as critical in terms of staying connected. Helpful staff, accurate signage and information, and improved reliability of services would help people to use public transport more. There was a sense that transport providers do not do enough to encourage people with dementia (and other hidden disabilities) to feel confident to travel.

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Confidence in public transport

Thred (Liverpool) Thred built on their previous Dementia Enquirers projects to explore what would help people with dementia build their confidence to travel by public transport. They created a survey for people with dementia [...]