Great Camden Minds (London)

The aim of this project was to discover how easy it is to find information on dementia services in Camden for older people with dementia. The group all found dementia paper-based information important. The group were all over the age of 75, don’t use computers, smartphones and the internet, and often struggled with telephone calls. They noticed that it was becoming harder to get information, by themselves, about dementia. They lived independently and like to find things for themselves.

The group carried out a tour of local services over a three-month period. This included 15 GP surgeries, dentists, gyms, community centres and local libraries. They struggled to find any printed leaflets on local dementia services, help and support or even references to dementia.

They found there is a significant lack of printed information – leaflets, posters, flyers – on dementia in Camden. The group recommended that services develop more written information for people with dementia, and that this is accessible and relevant. They are working on an Easy Read version of a leaflet that summarises dementia services, help and support in Camden.

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