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@BetterResearch Yes the Riversiders #DEEP group has just completed a survey on this issue as part of #DementiaEnquirers! Read it here

Bits and bobs of fabulous research with @Innov_Dementia #dementiaenquirers and Sterling University …

The Pioneers were so proud to have the opportunity this afternoon to deliver a presentation to Stirling University on their work shaping the ground-breaking #DementiaEnquirers programme.

People w #dementia in the driving seat of research

@DrGrantGibson @Richard_Ward_1

Interested in giving your opinion DEEPers?
Take a look at the latest Taking Part opportunities.
Your voices and thoughts really DO matter
Latest opportunities include research being done by DEEPers as part of #DementiaEnquirers projects.

This morning we had an amazing catch up with 9 of the current #DementiaEnquirers research projects!!

All with ppl w #dementia in the driving seat - on the topics that matter to THEM

Find out more about the programme at