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Great Friday morning catch-up w @JamesRuFletcher @OfficialUoM about 'unethical ethics' in relation to research involving ppl w #dementia

Do take a look at his paper

#DementiaEnquirers @TNLComFund @TommyShakes @DrRAshworth

You should get an annual dementia review with your GP or staff.

Do you? Many have not had one. We need to know how many?

Please complete our survey if you have or have not had an annual review.


What impact has #COVID19 had on my connections
with others?

We're thrilled to publish this latest #DementiaEnquirers report - carried out by #DEEP group Kent Forget-me-Nots.

Read it here:


Living with dementia?
Had an Annual Review with your GP?
Please complete our new survey to help us find out about Annual Dementia Reviews. Carers can complete for the person living with dementia.


PLS RT too.