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.@george_rook & Philly Hare look forward to presenting on #DementiaEnquirers tomorrow (28/7) with @researchIP

More info here:

#DEEP groups will very soon hear if their applications for #DementiaEnquirers research grants were successful.

Huge thanks to the 9 Pioneers - all ppl w #dementia - who worked so hard to make good & fair decisions

Ground-breaking stuff!


Great to see #DementiaEnquirers as an example of good practice in supporting 'user-led' research in the new @NIHRresearch publication "Public Involvement in Social Care Research"

Read the full paper here


.@TommyShakes Brian from @YorkMandV has just finished the 'dementia book' (the #DementiaEnquirers report - ) and reports 'it's brilliant, fantastic, the best book i've ever read, better than the Bible' No need for academ-ese!! @jdeanknight

A great read for anyone interested in coproduction/research led by people with lived experience. @TommyShakes
@Innov_Dementia #DementiaEnquirers @doryitsme @agnes_houston @howardgordon54 @happytandemer @WendyPMitchell @george_rook