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Dementia Enquirers

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Have you read or used our #DementiaEnquirers research pack? We would love to know what you think. You can let us know via a short survey here: If you haven't looked at the pack yet what are you waiting for? Read here:

Dementia Enquirers

Dementia Voices is a place full of positivity and celebration of the voices of people with dementia.

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Very excited to be supporting the Leeds #DEEP group of people with dementia to carry out their #DementiaEnquirers research project into new opportunities after diagnosis. @LeedsPlayhouse @leedsdaa @LBUdementia @TNLComFund

Excited for the 8 #DEEP groups beginning their new #DementiaEnquirers research projects-all led by people with dementia. Array of topics inc. post diagnosis,impact of music making,intergenerational game & accessible info. More here: Thx to @TNLComFund

“The biggest encouragement we’ve had is that people have listened to us”

Listen to ppl w #dementia reflecting on the amazing research projects they have carried out with support from #DementiaEnquirers