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Gr8 feedback from a researcher at @mintlableuven
who's using #DementiaEnquirers DEEP-Ethics Gold Standards

"It's a great addition to any ethical committee submission for research projects that involve, in any way, ppl w #dementia."

You can find them here

Are YOU an Early Career Researcher in #dementia?

#DementiaEnquirers invites you to apply for a NEW 'mini-internship'. This will give you online access to advice fr ppl w dementia experienced in co-produced research.

Find out more here - and pls ReTweet!

@Innov_Dementia @AlumniDementia @LifeChangesTrst We’re so excited about #DementiaEnquirers and working with the lovely Dementia Alumni group again!!

Happy New Year, everyone! Our new year plans include our #DementiaEnquirers game project in collaboration with the brilliant @ScienceCeilidh and distributing our printed Dementia & Preparing for the Unexpected booklets. @LifeChangesTrst @Innov_Dementia

Check out the fabulous new group @Ecrediblesgroup supported by @ECREDementia @LifeChangesTrst and @Innov_Dementia #DementiaEnquirers grant
An exciting partnership model which would be brilliant to see replicated in all universities doing dementia research

Aaargh! First meeting is always exciting and nerve-wracking but it was brilliant! We have organised research skills classes, everyone is taking turns at sharing group tasks, we have all heard about @BoldScotland @Innov_Dementia #DementiaEnquirers @LifeChangesTrst @ECREDementia

Open doors to new opportunities from Warren Berman at @leedsdaa @_nickytaylor @LeedsPlayhouse #Up&Go
@alzheimerssoc #DementiaEnquirers
Warren reflects on being on an interview panel & being a mentor to a professional worker.
Please share #inspirational

'Dementia as an invisible disability' - A #DementiaEnquirers project from the SUNshiners in Kent. Please share and complete their online survey.

Thanks @george_rook for the insight into the #DementiaEnquirers project being led by Shrewsbury Riversiders on annual reviews and care plans. Made me take a bit of a deep dive into the #DementiaEnquirers webpage and well, just wow @Innov_Dementia 👇🏻

Great to see the @Innov_Dementia #DementiaEnquirers again and to reflect on how much of my work/collaborations have been shaped by being an Advisor with them. Including @NRS_NDN Partners in Research and @roseevincent The Smarties. Very lucky researcher. #expertsbyexperience #ppi

Great #DementiaEnquirers discussion underway between Pioneers with dementia and our brilliant advisors. We are one of many bubbles - that could bump into bigger bubbles to become something bigger

Tom Shakespeare on Twitter

“It's like the evolution of a new species. You only spot it retrospectively. Co-produced research is a new species. Many cumulative tiny impacts...