Riversiders (Shrewsbury) with Minds and Voices (York)

The groups were interested to know how much Admiral Nurses and DEEP groups interacted, if at all. They created two different surveys, one for DEEP groups and one for Admiral Nurses. They found that most Admiral Nurses had heard about DEEP, but not all were sure what DEEP is. Most thought it would be beneficial to have contact with a DEEP group, but only 8% had. Half of people with dementia had heard of Admiral Nurses, though only 17% knew what Admiral Nurses do. Admiral Nurses and people with dementia could each see the benefits of making contact. Admiral Nurses saw the benefit in learning directly from people living with dementia. People with dementia could see the benefits of Admiral Nurses providing support, knowledge and information.

Riversiders and Minds and Voices recommended that Admiral Nurses and DEEP groups explore opportunities to build relationships with each other. The project concluded with a fruitful meeting with Dementia UK (who host Admiral Nurses) to implement the recommendations from the research project.

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Confidence in public transport

Thred (Liverpool) Thred built on their previous Dementia Enquirers projects to explore what would help people with dementia build their confidence to travel by public transport. They created a survey for people with dementia [...]