Lifting the Cloud (Derby)

The group wanted to create a booklet that could help anyone with dementia who was visiting Derby as a tourist. This would be a guide to attractions and any difficulties they may incur which could impact their visit.

The group created a questionnaire which highlighted significant areas that could possibly be challenging for a person with dementia. Some people filled in the questionnaire during their visit, others took it home and filled it in later. At the end of a visit the group also had a discussion about their experiences.

All of these results informed the development of a new booklet: ‘Derby Visitors Attractions: through the eyes of a person living with dementia’. You can read the booklet here.

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Confidence in public transport

Thred (Liverpool) Thred built on their previous Dementia Enquirers projects to explore what would help people with dementia build their confidence to travel by public transport. They created a survey for people with dementia [...]