Forget me Nots Research Group (Swindon)

The group wanted to explore the impact of Covid for members of their group. During the pandemic, the group had been forced to meet on-line, which had been a struggle for many members. They wanted to find out how best to support people with dementia during Covid-19, but also in the future. They created a list of questions for structured interviews looking at

different aspects of people’s struggles with the pandemic including technology, relationships, coping strategies, challenges, physical/mental health issues and any positives. People with dementia took on the role of interviewer. There was also a questionnaire of closed questions and tick boxes asking about use of technology before and after Covid-19.

The results showed that use of technology had increased since the pandemic and, although a lot of people required support, it was considered to be a real positive. Contact with professionals had reduced, although personal relationships were able to be maintained and even strengthened. People reported a decline in their dementia, although a range of coping strategies were shared.

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