DEEPNess (Isle of Lewis)

The group wanted to find out what type of video content works best for people with dementia. They were mainly interested in finding content to help people with dementia use technology. The group knew that much instructional video (e.g. on You Tube) is chaotic and wild and not dementia responsive.

Fourteen people with dementia took part in the project. They also acted as an Expert Advice Group. The Expert Advice Group were asked to watch three videos (made by DEEPNess) and then say which video was best for them, in response to a set of questions. The videos were of a young woman, an older woman and a middle-aged man. Discussions took place in a focus group.

The results showed that the content had to be clear, told slowly, and said more than once. The person on the video was not that important.

You can watch a video of Ron Coleman of DEEPNess talking about Alexa below

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