11th Edition – April 2020

Here is our latest news…please share with all the people who are involved in your project, or anyone else interested!


All our future events have been postponed .

We are hoping that the project event at St Katherine’s will now be on Thursday 22nd October (arriving Wednesday 21st October).

Recruitment of the next cohort of projects will be held in the Autumn.

Dementia Diaries

Coping with the current virus crisis on top of living with dementia is not the easiest of challenges. We are encouraging people to express their feelings via our audio diaries. You can hear the latest diaries about the situation here. Be prepared to be inspired!

Ethics issues

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their comments and ideas to our new draft DEEP-Ethics Gold Standards.

The process for the next cohort of projects will include a new element – the DEEP-Ethics Panel – which will test out these Standards. We are delighted that Professor Lucy Series will join this panel as an advisor. She is a mental health law expert from the University of Cardiff.

Meanwhile, Rosie Ashworth – another of our much-valued advisors – has been working on a scoping review of reports of people with dementia (or with lived experience of health conditions) being included in the ethics process. She has narrowed down 70 titles for an abstract screening. Pioneers and other advisors have volunteered to be reviewers of the abstracts. Rosie is doing a great job of making the whole process as accessible as possible!

Co-producing an article for ‘Disability and Society’

We were delighted to receive responses from 7 academics who wanted to work with the Pioneers on an article for a special edition of ‘Disability and Society’. Each sent in a 90 second video for the Pioneers to watch. The ‘winner’ was Professor Tom Shakespeare. Tom will be working remotely with the Pioneers over the summer to prepare the article for submission in September.

Thanks to all who contributed – we really value your support and will no doubt find other ways to work with you.

The photo is of the selection panel meeting by ZOOM.

And finally:

If you have any queries, thoughts, inspirations or anything at all, please email Rachael at rachael@myid.org.uk or call her on 01392 420076.

And don’t forget you can find all the Dementia Enquirers resources at https://www.dementiavoices.org.uk/dementiaenquirers/. These include a free research pack; podcasts; webinars; short films; audio Diaries and all previous newsletters.

We look forward to talking with you all again soon .

Stay safe, stay strong, stay connected.

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