10th Edition – March 2020

Here is our latest news…please share with all the people who are involved in your project, or anyone else interested!

And please put key dates in your diaries

Latest news

Well… February has been incredibly busy!

  • Tommy and Paul from Thred presented on Dementia Enquirers at the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA)
  • Dory, Philly and Rachael presented to researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (thanks Tom for arranging!)
  • Our colleague Damián Murphy presented to the Dementia Care UK Research Summit
  • On the same day we held our workshop on Ethics in Dementia Research – with a mix of Pioneers and supportive allies, mainly from academia. It was very enjoyable and very productive, with a lot of hard brain work! We agreed to pilot an ethical approval process for the next round of Dementia Enquirers projects (from summer 2020). Do read Wendy’s blog about this day, and listen to George’s Dementia Diary.
  • On 13 February the Pioneers met again to plan the May event for Cohort 1, and the application process for Cohort 2. We made a short podcast reflecting on how they are feeling about Dementia Enquirers at this mid-point. And again do read Wendy’s blog about this day.
  • 26 February: the latest ZOOM gathering for the projects and Pioneers was again hosted by Paul and Tommy from Thred – with Mhari, Wendy, George and Ron all contributing too. We had an amazing conversation about what ‘leading’ research really means – and also about the need to capture the ‘outcomes’ for all involved in Dementia Enquirers (hear Wendy’s Diary.)

Coming up – please put these in your diary if relevant!

The next informal ZOOM meeting (mainly for projects and Pioneers) is on Wednesday 1st April (!) at 11.00 am. Let us know if you want to join – and if you’d like to host it.

Sadly we have had to postpone the Summer 2020 event for all projects and Pioneers and several Advisors at St Katharine’s Foundation on May 20 – because of the corona virus.

This will now take place on Thursday 22nd October (arriving Wednesday 21st October). Please put this in your diaries.

Cohort 2 applications: All DEEP groups will be notified about the new application process and invited to apply. The Pioneers will meet on 15, 16 and 17 June at Woodbrooke, Birmingham to recommend the projects for funding. This is still going ahead at this point.

The process will include a new element – the DEEP-Ethics Panel. We are delighted that Professor Lucy Series will join this panel as an advisor. She is a mental health law expert from the University of Cardiff.

And finally:

If you have any queries, thoughts, inspirations or anything at all, please email Rachael at rachael@myid.org.uk or call her on 01392 420076.

And don’t forget you can find all the Dementia Enquirers resources at https://www.dementiavoices.org.uk/dementiaenquirers/. These include a free research pack; podcasts; webinars; short films; audio Diaries and all previous newsletters. We look forward to talking with you all again soon

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