As Phase 1 of Dementia Enquirers comes to an end, we have a number of new blogs for you.

The first is by Dr Wendy Mitchell, one of the Pioneers, who has been involved right from Day One of the programme. She writes…

“As I look back through my blogs I couldn’t help but smile at the doubts and hesitancy we had at the beginning of this project. At our first meeting I’d written ‘There was lots of excitement but also fear of our role.’ After all, this was untested territory, ‘People living with dementia in the driving seat’.”


The next is by Dr Lucy Series, one of our amazing Advisors, in her blog ‘The Small Places’. It starts:

“Some days expand your heart, mind and horizons; yesterday was that kind of day.  And I want to share what I found out with you, so that your heart, mind and horizons can also grow larger…”

You can

The third is by another of our Advisors, Dr Rosie Ashworth, who says that “the lessons I have learned around accessibility and shared ownership/ power form the foundations of everything I do.”

You can read more here:

And finally we also have blogs from two of the Early Career Researchers who have received mentoring from the Pioneers. They are Jacoba Huizenga and Marney Walker.

You can read Jacoba’s blog here and Marney’s blog here